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At Falcon Guard, our mission is to empower and safeguard the digital landscape of businesses of all sizes. We provide world-class cybersecurity services, focusing on Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Threat Hunting, and Security Monitoring. Our aim is to anticipate, detect, and respond to cyber threats with speed, precision, and unparalleled expertise, protecting our clients' data and business continuity. We believe in fostering a safer digital world where businesses can thrive without fear of cyber threats, thereby promoting trust, resilience, and growth in the digital era.

Leonardo M. Falcon
Cybersecurity Consultant
  • LinkedIn - Bílý kruh

Leonardo is a recognized expert and leader in the field of cybersecurity. He has a diverse background in cybersecurity, with a mix of industry-specific and entrepreneurial experience. Over the years Leonardo has developed deep expertise in SOC operations, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, and Threat Hunting. He has built a cyber threat detection and response team which comprises of highly specialized cybersecurity professionals. He is also experienced leading the delivery of complex cybersecurity projects globally and helps clients to develop capabilities to detect and respond to advanced cyber attacks. He's passionate about discovering hidden attacks and adversaries through Machine Learning and other Threat Hunt methodologies.

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